Since she was very young, Sheyda knew she wanted to work with her body and was committed to the idea till eventually started her yoga path with ballet and gymnastics when she was eight years old, falling more in love with ballet everyday, she was sure that there could be nothing better than this,
but then one day she joins a yoga class with her friend just to support them,
and realises “ That Is It!“. “In my difficult days it was my saviour” she says, and it is more accessible to a wider range of people ( different ages, different bodies, even those with disabilities)”.

Determined to share this with others, she took her teacher training and continues studies in Eastern Philosophy,
working with mentors with Indian Old-School Yoga,
Chinese and Japanese knowledge and western approach to yoga backgrounds, Sheyda believes there is a magical balance between east and west when it comes to health of mind,
body and soul ( which can be unique to each person alongside other factors) and therefor loves hearing
about other’s experiences from beginning, during and after their practice and their yoga journey.

Yoga is something that gets woven into your life everyday evermore tightly,
until it becomes an undetectable part of it,” as she believes.