Michelle always believed  that there was something more to life than being stressed out working in the city.  Something much more meaningful.

After taking time out from her corporate job she found yoga at a low point in her life, and knew instantly that Yoga was the missing something in her life.

Yoga helped her to start the inward journey; to heal from deep inside. Yoga helped her feel empowered and strong.  For the first time Michelle found she was no longer running on a treadmill, spinning her way through all the stress, heartache and inner city life. The shift happened with the stillness in between the postures .  The breath, the flow, the mantras, the chanting, the yamas and niyamas .

After 6 years of practice Michelle took her first teacher training and she has now been teaching for 10 years. She truly believes that helping others on and off the mat creates a cycle of healing energy. Her days are now spent teaching, practicing yoga and creating by connecting people to those who can help heal and create wonderful things together.

“The most important man in my life her dad passed away in 2017 to cancer and his battle was horrific.  Life is precious so please live your life to the fullest while you can. Today I am blessed and Grateful. I feel loved and accepted”

If you haven’t tried yoga yet, please find a teacher that’s feels right to you and enjoy your journey of life. Perhaps Michelle is that teacher you need…

Michelle gives thanks to her teachers Stewart Gilchrist , Amanda Denton and Behnam Kheirolomo for all their knowledge and sharing.


Creating by Connecting