Erfan Mobargha born in an artistic family in 1990. As a musician he started his career with Tombak (an Iranian percussion) in 2000 and continuing professionally with playing Kamanche (an Iranian stringed instrument) and Piano since 2001 until now.

Some of his early official composing works are the music of “Roozi Roozegari” theatre at the Fajr International Film Festival in 2010, movie soundtrack of “Sabz Be Range Zomorod” by the well-known Iranian director Rouhollah Hejazi, “Zamen-e Ahoo” puppet show (candidate of the best soundtrack) and a short film “Gharibei Dar Ghobar” which has been shown in izmir-Turkey, Rome-Italy and Los Angeles House Of Art And Culture. Also, he recorded several pieces during three audio albums in association with Shahoo -Iranian musical instrument- Orchestra.

In 2013, he has been supported morally and financially by Mehdi Moghadasi through a contract on releasing three albums and performing related concerts , in which, resulted in a serious aspect of his activities not to mention that he had several performances in fusion genre with his band “Keman Music” and other bands in various places and concert halls under executive supervision of the mentioned sponsor.

Erfan Mobargha has been active in composing, sound recording, mix and mastering at his personal studio for 8 years, also, working for Soroush Ertebat Hezareh company, he has 3 years experience in telecommunication of I.B.S (In Building Site) section relevant to GSM (Global System for Mobile communications).