In 2001 Behnam moved to India to continue his eduction. As a young man needing to prioritise study, the pressure to take care of himself without the assistance of his family left him struggling with food and health issues. However, his interest in sport and body work enabled him to face up and deal with all difficulties that came his way as a result. learn how behnam yoga journey start ?

In 2006 he was introduced to yoga by Eefa Shrof a great teacher from Mumbai where Eefa has also been a student of Pattabhi Jois for many years. Soon after starting his yoga journey he realized after every practice there were tremendously positive changes in his mental and physical body.

Behnam learned the Ashtanga Mysore Primary Series under guidance of Eefa. For a number of years practiced daily and intensively to develop and improve his flexibility. He was not naturally flexible, as many are not when they first start practising! He had to focus on opening his hips, hamstrings and back alongside other areas. As a result however, this enabled him to understand the practise of yoga, movement and the room for change that is possible within us all.

Behnam graduated from Vevekananda School of Yoga in Bangalore and practiced with many other teachers including Sheshaderi in Mysore and VJ in Goa, India So His yoga knowledge and experience with physical assists and adjustments improved after teaching in Istanbul for 12 years, predominately with those of heavier weight. This was a great experience to be able to read people’s bodies and teaching them depending on their specific needs.

He is now living and teaching in Bodrum having started the 360Yoga Organization which focuses on healing and mental health along with music and Ayurveda and Yoga.

Behnam yoga journey can be great example for beginners willing to start their journey and having 100 percent trust in these ancient knowledge.